The economic crisis has put a strain on Italian entrepreneurship, especially that of fashion, and has often forced drastic choices on companies such as closing down or reducing staff. For Giorgio Srl, on the other hand, this was not the case and the birth of F**K is proof of this. However, this is only part of the story of F ** K, whose birth and rebirth passes precisely from the crisis and from a choice - by its entrepreneur Franco Giorgio - not to give in to the pressures of a strong economic crisis.

Since 1985 – year of entrepreneurial birth - the company immediately positioned itself as a leader in the production and marketing of beachwear clothing, going so far as to create its own and licensed lines. 2011 is a crucial year for Giorgio Srl. The beachwear market is overwhelmed by a severe crisis and, during a meeting just before Christmas, the company is forced to consider drastic choices which, however, Franco Giorgio refuses to accept. Time was pressing, the market continued to lose and that Christmas was shaping up to be the most difficult. Decisions loomed that would change the course of history. One way or the other.

Here comes the choice. The one that shuffles the cards and puts them all back in the game. Franco Giorgio could not give in to the logic of a market which, instead, he wants to innovate and conquer. Which he must conquer in order to give solidity to the people who - until then - had accompanied and supported him in the growth and success of his company. He then convenes a new meeting in which he announces that the company will not close but that, on the contrary, it will launch a new beachwear collection on the market. In just two weeks, a new brand was therefore created which, however, lacked the most important element: a naming impactful, memorable and that represented its identity.

The choice falls on the proposal of a collaborator, still in the company, who had a drawing with an inscription on her desk: thus F**K was born, yellow logo and camouflage background to express the company's strength and fighting spirit; a strong message to share with all those who did not believe in a rebirth. Impossible. From now possible. Presented in September 2012 on the occasion of White Milano, the F**K collection immediately obtained an appreciation even above expectations; a success that lays the foundations for continuous and unstoppable growth and which will also lead to the development of the Men's and Junior lines.

Since then the numbers have taken on different dimensions: Giorgio Srl's style is Made in Italy and the production takes place in Andria - in the heart of Puglia - in one plant of 5000 m2 in which a team of 70 - with a decidedly young population - works synergistically to produce garments that mix creativity, innovation, quality workmanship at a competitive price. The overall total of related activities is around 500 people. The F**K brand is currently present with 6 direct flagship stores: 4 in Italy and 2 in Spain, in Ibiza and Formentera; the capillarity on the territory is then guaranteed by the presence of 5 franchised points of sale in 5 points of sale to which another 2 openings will be added, for this Spring in Cefalù and Forte dei Marmi.

In a panorama now marked by standardization and a lowering of quality levels, F**K stands out for innovative and original garments characterized by made in Italy design and first choice materials, extreme wearability and a competitive price on the market. Characteristics which, combined with accurate distribution and speed of execution, have made Giorgio Srl one of the reference points in the sector.

However, all of the above would not have been possible without the determination of Franco Giorgio, who against all odds believed in his team which he considers a working group with whom to share passions and projects. It takes determination to face problems and F**K confirms this by proposing women's, men's and junior collections every season that meet the needs of all customers.